31st December
written by admin

I took the Ludum Dare challenge for the first time, i’ve done game jam’s before with my best finish in F this Jam last year.  I only had about 8 hours to build this game, but I’m really happy with how it turned out.  The art and music are definitely my weakness, but I think it turned out pretty good.  Okay enough of it, let me introduce Egg Empire!  You can grab the source and play it right on the Ludum Dare website.




Cheers until next time!


10th October
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The view ‘Nop.Plugin.Payments.CashOnDelivery.Views.PaymentCashOnDelivery.Configure’ or its master was not found or no view engine supports the searched locations. The following locations were searched:

I started getting this error when upgrading to NopCommerce 3.30, and although i’m decent enough with .NET this is one that really confused me.  So what did I do to actually fix the problem?

Step 1: I started Googling every variation of this possible.

Step 2: I attempted a bunch of the suggestions I found

Step 3: I found a programmer friend of mine (in the same office) and started bouncing some ideas off of him, by the end we were both stuck scratching our heads.

Step 4: I finally found a suggestion that started leading me down the right path which I will detail below.


In Visual Studio 2013 you click on each View (cshtml) in the plugin that is having the problem, set the Build Action to Content and the Copy to Output Directory to Copy if newer.

The next thing you want to do is change the requested view to be the actual path instead of the embedded path.

return View(“~/Plugins/Payments.CashOnDelivery/Views/PaymentCashOnDelivery/PaymentInfo.cshtml”, model);

Then rebuild and everything magically started working.  So it turns out that in 3.40 of NopCommerce they get rid of embedded cshtml files completely, still not sure why I’m having this problem in 3.30, but this at least got me running again.

Until next time


3rd August
written by admin

I have been working on building a place for people to build and share their digital pokemon teams, and version 0.1 is out.  Please check it out and give me feedback, as i’m going to continue working on it for a long time!




25th June
written by admin

My company Zymo Entertainment has just launched a new website!  You can check it out here.  www.zymoent.com

We are extremely happy to start uploading more content to it.

23rd February
written by admin

After seeing the success of Flappy Bird, i wanted to prove to myself that I could release a simple game in less than 8 hours.  Thus was born the cute little game Flappy Acorn, “probably will change the name”.  Check out the game, i’ll do a few updates in the future if I get enough downloads.  You can go and download it here 



5th March
written by admin

Everybody that knows me would tell you how excited I am about the change that Sony announced at the reveal of the PS4.  I want to go over some of the main points that I think are actually really huge for developers and the consumer.  This is going to be much more focused on the hardware with some touches on features they announced that I feel will be important in the future.

x86 CPU

When I first started working on the PS3 I was blown away with how complicated it was to use the CELL processor.  Now I love challenges, I did do some pretty cool thing on the SPU’s but the time and effort was much higher than I felt like it should of been.  I think the choice to go to a common architecture with 8 hardware cores, is a “HUGE” move forward for Sony.  This is going to make it so indie developers can actually build games for the PlayStation 4.  On the PS3 there was so much effort put into platform specific code that indie developers couldn’t afford to truly optimize for the hardware.  I would be willing to bet that a lot of the smaller PSN titles didn’t use the SPU’s at all, and even some of the larger games didn’t fully start utilizing them until later in the platform cycle.  Even though I’m going to miss not “discovering” some new hardware, I think this is going to help Sony more than we realize at this point.  Also because of this choice Sony is giving up the ability to support PS3 titles.  I feel like this isn’t a deal breaker though, and I believe a few months after the console has been released people won’t even mention that its missing.  Just hang on to your PS3 so you can boot up your old copies of Uncharted when you get the urge to play them again.


Not much was actually revealed about the GPU, but we know that it will be on the same die as the CPU, and will be connected to unified memory which I will cover after this.  The GPU was rumored to support DirectX 11, but I’m pretty certain Sony would not fully support a Microsoft technology, although I do believe they will have some of the features that DirectX 11 supports.  We’ll see though when more details come forward.

8GB GDDR5 Unified Memory

Take a minute to let that sink in, that is 16x the amount of memory in the PS3.  The amount of memory isn’t the only big announcement, the fact that it will be using 8GB of GDDR5 memory is completely unexpected.  GDDR5 memory is “fast” and also very expensive, but this is going to allow for so much more of everything.  I am a bit concerned that the price of games is going to increase a lot more, but lets hope this architecture makes development easier and faster than previous generations so it balances out.  The real increase in content will come in art creation though, and that will take more effort to create content that fills the memory provided.

Live Streaming to UStream

I didn’t see any mention of Twitch, but I hope that’s supported as well.  I think this is a huge step forward in connecting gamers with their audience.  I watch a lot of streams, and I know I’m excited for this feature, but I will be interested to see how many people are like me.

The Controller

The controller looks good, but I really hope they tightened up the joysticks, and fixed the triggers.  I use to love the PS2 controller, but as times have changed so has my demands for a good controller.  Going back to the Dreamcast and N64 which had horrible controllers, all the way to today where the Xbox 360 controller is amazing, the PS4 controller has to make some changes, and I for one can’t wait to see if they’ve done it.


A lot of the other features seemed more like a dream or something that isn’t in development yet such as streaming games remotely to your PS4, or having it so a friend can jump in and help you through a particular area that your stuck.  This all seems cool, but I want to see how much of this actually comes through.  With whats announced right now, I can’t wait for E3 where we are sure to find out more.

Also is Microsoft going to actually release this year?

11th February
written by admin

This past week I spent a lot of time setting up the RPG gun, as well as working on a rough first pass on projectile class that allows me to track a target.  I think the RPG will help make the other guns much quicker to setup to work.  I also setup a the damage on the machine gun correctly now, which acts more as a “drain” instead of firing tons of projectiles.  My son ended up getting really interested in helping me tweak the values in the game which led to some really cool tests.  I’ve got some flying enemies that take damage and blow up correctly now.

Lets start with looking at the variables I need for the projectile.  ( Please note all this is still very early and not final at all )

  public GameObject currentTarget;
  public GameObject launcher;
  public float speed = 10.0f;
  public float damage = 10.0f;
  public float lifeTime = 5.0f;
  public float ignoreCollisionTime = 1.0f;
  public GameObject explosionParticle;
  public bool bRadius = false;
  public float Radius = 100.0f;
  public bool bFindNewTarget = true;
  private float aliveTime = 0.0f;


6th February
written by admin

Please note this is part of documentation I wrote for the opensource feather web framework currently available on GitHub. You can find the document in its original form here: https://github.com/maddogawl/feather/blob/master/featherdoc/docs/state%20machines.md

feather Finite State Machines

Finite State Machines (FSM) are well understood in computer science, and as such they won’t be covered much here. There are some really good articles online that you can check out to read more in depth analysis on FSM’s.

Links to some good articles


State Machine Basics

In the simplest definition a FSM is a set of states and transitions. A FSM can only be in one state a time, thus allowing you to easily build state driven applications like Rich Internet Applications. In more complex systems that utilize state machines you will begin to see hierarchical state machines, and states that have their own state machines.

In general Finite State Machines are a tool that simplifies common problems including UI management and async flow.

Benefits of State Machines

An application could easily be created without utilizing FSM’s, but there are some clear advantages to using them.

Flexibility : Code can easily be tweaked and extended with proper use of state machines.

Debugging : Code that is isolated in small testable states makes it much easier to track down defects in the software.

Simplicity : Its human nature to think of things in terms of states. It is generally simple to break down parts of software in terms of states.


5th February
written by admin

Handling Machine Gun Projectiles

Its been a tough week for me, we had a lot of things come up this past week that were unexpected, so I have a much smaller update this week.

I finally got the machine gun “AK47” turret completely hooked up.  In the process I decided that making all turret guns share the same code just wouldn’t work with the new version after the prototype.  So now I have a hierarchy of states that each turret gun derives from and then I just override the necessary functionality.  This allows me to not fire a “projectile” for each shot, but instead it finds a target and plays an “effect” and drains the enemy’s health based on the damage rate.

Anyway here is a quick screen cap of the AK47 in action.



1st February
written by admin

Darksiders 2: The end of a franchise?


I started Darksiders 2 expecting a 10 – 15 hour game, but what I got was a game much much longer than that.  The game ended up taking me 27 hours to complete, and I didn’t even come close to completing all the side quests.  I played the game on the PC after finding a great deal on Steam over Christmas.  The PC port is very basic, with basically no graphic options, and runs at the same resolution that it does on the consoles.  The game definitely lacks attention to detail in some areas especially texturing of environments, but you quickly ignore all that when you get sucked into the world.

What I liked:

  • I love the loot, every battle had me running around checking each item and changing my loadout.
  • Death’s abilities, I love how different the character could play, I chose to be more focused on leveling up minions to do my fighting for me.
  • The combat feels so good, simple enough yet still feels like you need to be strategic especially in harder areas.
  • The puzzles, always feel fresh and different, even though some are repeated throughout the game.  I love the “Zelda” feel of the dungeons.
  • The world is amazing, it feels giant and sprawling, with hidden things everywhere.
  • Traveling through time, although very basic felt really cool

What I didn’t like:

  • Loot really doesn’t change appearance enough ( just slightly )
  • Boss battles, really are basic, but they are passable
  • Dust doesn’t actually seem to help out as much as I would of liked, there are times he would lead me through endless loops.
  • The ending was very disappointing for me, I was hoping for a grand reunion between Death and War.
  • Texture quality on PC
  • You have to have your controller plugged in before starting the game, or your stuck with Keyboard and mouse controls


I truly will miss this franchise, and I am really sad that THQ is no more, especially after having worked with that publisher with a few of the titles I’ve worked on.  I hear the developers from Vigil were snatched up by Crytek, so hopefully something else amazing will come.

I would recommend anyone interested in Darksiders to definitely play this one, but be ready for a fairly long game, although the high points definitely outweigh the lows.

Until next time, let me know what you think of this game.




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