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13th February
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This update is a little late, but Jam City Rollergirls has released on WiiWare on January 24th.  This marks my 6th shipped title and 9th that i’ve worked on.  This game has been receiving very positive feedback from the reviewers and the fans of derby.  Check out these reviews!

It seems like the biggest complaint is the lack of content, which is completely understandable for a WiiWare title.  We did as much as we could to cram content into the 40mb game, and to be honest it feels good that people just want more of what we were able to make.  This was a very challenging title to work on because there are literally no references for roller derby games.  What we did is look at what other similar “arcade” style games did well and we wanted to bring that together with the world of roller derby.  I mainly spent my time working on player controls, their interactions with the environment, and the powerups.  The controls went through so many major iterations that I feel confident that anyone can pick them up and play immediately.  I also worked hard to design and implement the concept of stealing points from your opponent, to me this makes for a very dynamic local coop game.  Stealing points is a tough thing to balance, but it works really well with calling off the jam and using other powerups to avoid being hit.  I’ll do a more detailed post on this maybe a post mortem on a later date.

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