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22nd May
written by admin

I was recently tasked with a new system to handle any number of combos.  Basically it needs to be easy to define a given combo and easy to fire off an event when that combo is successful.  Starting off I had 27 various combos with 13 different attack types.  For example ( Light hit, Light hit, Light hit ) would be one combo.  First I wanted to define the limitations of the combo system.

Once a combo has been reached the attack chain is cleared.  For example ( Light hit, Light hit, Light hit, Uppercut ) would be 1 combo with the first 3 hits and then the chain would be cleared, and uppercut would begin the next sequence.  This is important because the designers need to be aware of the types of combo’s they define.  If it was absolutely necessary to extend the combo, I think it would still be possible, but my solution wouldn’t work as well, because a person could in theory just do light hits constantly and be notified of a combo.



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