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I started programming over 14 years ago with my primary interest being games.  Over the last 7 years I’ve worked really hard on quite a few PSN and XBLA titles.  Working in a smaller company I am responsible for a lot of different tasks.  One day I’m writing normal map shaders for the PS3 and the next i’m working on the combat system.  I couldn’t ask for a better career for myself, I love challenges, some people are put off by doing things they’ve never tried, I thrive on it.

In January 2012, I’ve moved to a company called Zyquest, which later started a company called Zymo thats main focus is video games and mobile app development.  Over the last year I’ve learned a lot more about mobile development, but most of my efforts have been spent on the PS3, Vita, and PC platforms doing contract work for various other companies.  I did get a few months of web development where I crammed down tons of knowledge of Javascript, HTML, and CSS.  I also got some introduction to RESTful api’s since a lot of games are moving in that direction for analytics and social network communication.

When i’m not in front of a computer you’ll probably find me playing video games, card games, board games, reading books, or spending time with my family.


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