16th January
written by admin

AirMech is game that I stumbled upon because Amazon was running a special where any digital download purchase of video games got you a free 9.99 bundle for AirMech.  I honestly didn’t even know the promotion existed until I saw it in my email.  So I jumped on and downloaded it, later again on Steam, since I prefer just keeping all my games there.  Anyway the game is fantastic, I’ve been playing it for the last few days, and have already powered through to Level 11.

AirMech-2011-11-08-16-21-52-00You play a mech unit that flys and can transform into a giant mech warrior to jump into the ground battle.  You select a load out of turrets, units, bombs, and misc other things before going into battle.  Some items are only purchasable after reaching a certain level in the game.  The game levels up similar to League of Legends, where you have an overall level outside the game, and in each game you start at level 1, and continually level up your mech and unlock items from your load out to now make at your outposts.  Units are built and picked up by your mech at any of your owned bases.  You can give units orders or just drop them off into a battle and they will start attacking immediately.  Start off by playing solo against the computer, as its the easiest way to understand to get the feel for everything.

The thing that really impresses me in this game is the amount of depth it offers.  In fact I’ve enjoyed it so much that I dropped $10 for a package deal they were offering so I could unlock some of the items a bit faster.  Anyway I highly suggest everyone tries this game out.  The game is still in beta, and appears to be constantly updated with new items and cosmetic treats.  This is the perfect mix of MOBA and Starcraft 2, and I really want to see this games community grow.

Also you can check me out streaming this game from time to time.  http://www.twitch.tv/maddogawl