24th January
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Gatecrash has been fully spoiled, and the release is quickly approaching.  I am a huge fan of Magic the Gathering along with many other card games.  I’m going to start by going over the cards i’m the most excited about.  These don’t include rare or mythic rare cards, but instead commons and uncommons that I believe will have an impact in limited, and potentially standard as well.


[mtg_card]Syndic of Tithes[/mtg_card]

I feel in this set grisly bears are going to be very mediocre, but in an aggressive deck like the ones I like to play in draft, I think this card is really going to shine.  I imagine getting in a single attack with this guy and then just pinging my opponent non stop throughout the rest of the game.  I feel extort in draft is going to be extremely strong if played correctly.  I’m excited to try out my theory on this card, as I really don’t see many other strong white cards in this set at common or uncommon, I believe this one will picked a bit higher just because of the limited options white has.



[mtg_card]Cloudfin Raptor[/mtg_card]

To be honest this card could be a complete bust, but the idea of a 0/1 flyer on turn 1 consistently growing to be a 5/6 dragon really excites me.  The real issue I see is drawing this card with an empty hand, honestly this card needs to be played in a certain type of deck, and actually works better if there was some sort of looting ability to pitch it later on.  I actually could see Evolve being a complete bust in draft, or being a total knockout depending depending on how the draft meta game ends up.


[mtg_card]Killing Glare[/mtg_card]

Honestly this is a really easy pick for limited, its removal that scales, it won’t always be cheap, but this card will be picked extremely high in draft where removal matters.  In standard this card will have no effect at all, in fact removal has gotten increasingly worse lately, but there are still better options than this at the moment.


[mtg_card]Skinbrand Goblin[/mtg_card]

Red is very aggressive in this set, and I believe bloodrush is going to have a huge impact not only in limited but also in standard.  This guy is an efficient beater early game that doubles as a combat trick later on.  Playing around bloodrush is going to become exceedingly difficult.


[mtg_card]Experiment One[/mtg_card]

Again Evolve may end up being a complete bust, but this card has some real potential, The regenerate ability alone is the reason this card is my pick for green.  Once this guy becomes big enough to start trading, you’ll then be able to keep him alive only to grow again and cause some more havok.


Multicolor cards are the next ones i’ll go over, stay tuned, and let me know what you think about my picks.

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