10th October
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The view ‘Nop.Plugin.Payments.CashOnDelivery.Views.PaymentCashOnDelivery.Configure’ or its master was not found or no view engine supports the searched locations. The following locations were searched:

I started getting this error when upgrading to NopCommerce 3.30, and although i’m decent enough with .NET this is one that really confused me.  So what did I do to actually fix the problem?

Step 1: I started Googling every variation of this possible.

Step 2: I attempted a bunch of the suggestions I found

Step 3: I found a programmer friend of mine (in the same office) and started bouncing some ideas off of him, by the end we were both stuck scratching our heads.

Step 4: I finally found a suggestion that started leading me down the right path which I will detail below.


In Visual Studio 2013 you click on each View (cshtml) in the plugin that is having the problem, set the Build Action to Content and the Copy to Output Directory to Copy if newer.

The next thing you want to do is change the requested view to be the actual path instead of the embedded path.

return View(“~/Plugins/Payments.CashOnDelivery/Views/PaymentCashOnDelivery/PaymentInfo.cshtml”, model);

Then rebuild and everything magically started working.  So it turns out that in 3.40 of NopCommerce they get rid of embedded cshtml files completely, still not sure why I’m having this problem in 3.30, but this at least got me running again.

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