16th May
written by admin

Rise of the Eldrazi is the newest set in the trading card game Magic the Gathering.  I made it to the pre-release at midnight to find about 80 other people there.  After playing until 4:00 AM I ended up dropping with a record of 2-1.  I hadn’t lost a match all night until round 3, where I played someone that had an amazing deck.  I still feel I could of made top 8 that night, but seeing as it was already eating into my weekend I had to call it a night.

I am very competitive at every game I play, but lately I’ve found EDH to be a nice break.  It gives me a chance to play crazy cards that I would never be able to play in Standard.  I have been playing a slightly modified version of EDH at lunch at work for the last year.  The modifications we made were basically so we could finish a game in our lunch break.  We all start with 20 life, with no general damage rules.  After the pre-release I had to update my mono-red EDH deck to now a Red/Green Rosheen the meander deck.  I put in a copy of all the big Eldrazi’s including Emrakul himself.  I’ve been able to hard cast him in 3 different games, and I still lost one of those by getting overrun by tokens.  Sometimes I feel like the games go until someone casts Emrakul, as we all run a copy now, but I don’t think it ruins the game in anyway as some people predicted.  So far my favorite card for EDH from the ROE set has been Momentous Fall, which is a card that makes you sacrifice a creature, and you draw cards equal to its power, and gain life equal to its toughness.  That card has saved my life so many times!  In my last game I had 6 mana and Rosheen on the table.  I was being attacked by an opponent for 50 damage or something insane.  He was at one life and I had no burn spells in my hand.  I paid 4 to sacrifice my 16/16 dragon that was equipped to a Sigil of Distinction.  I was lucky enough to draw into a comet storm and was able to tap Rosheen for 4 and my remaining two red lands to kill my opponent and win the game the following turn.

I can’t wait to see what the next set has in store.