12th May
written by admin

This post is really late, but since ScaryGirl just recently came out on Steam I figured now is the time to update my website.

ScaryGirl is the first real action/platformer that I worked on from start to finish. I spent a little more than a year working on this project. My main focus was player controls, the swing/tentacle mechanic, and combat. I also got to do a bunch of other things on the project as I manged the code team from working on developing shaders, designing the camera, inventory, save system, and working on environmental hazards. This game looks beautiful, the art team did an amazing job! Working with Nathan the creator of ScaryGirl was also a dream come true. He is an amazingly smart and creative person that I hope to have the chance to work with in the future.

Check out this video review, of course we want a perfect 10, and we always work torwards that goal, but a 7.5 from IGN is still really good.