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5th December
written by admin

This is an article I wrote a few years back on how I feel multiplayer games are balanced, and observations i’ve made while playing many different types of multiplayer games. ¬†Enjoy!!!

Multiplayer games need to be balanced for many different levels of players. I do believe making a fun and balanced multiplayer game for everyone is a real problem, and a almost impossible one to solve completely. While I believe a highly skilled player should almost always defeat a player that is not as skilled, there is still design and balancing issues that should be considered so that neither player becomes frustrated with the game. One way is to balance multiplayer is to make sure everything has a counter, even if it doesn’t seem like its going to dominate the game, its best to put in a fail safe to make sure it can be stopped. The next thing is to make sure that the game has a large number of options during the game, this allows the player to figure out a way to do better. The most fair method comes from a balanced matchmaking service, that balances out teams or versus matches based on current skill levels. ¬† (more…)


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