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19th December
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It may sound a little cliche to talk about how important it is to be able to take criticism from others while working in the Game Industry, but I still believe this is something that people learn to do and not a skill they start with. I’ve worked with a lot of developers over the last 7 years and some were incredible at giving criticism and listening at the same time, while others were just terrible at it.

My own experiences are probably not that much different from other developers, but I feel like where I thrived is in adapting. My very first job as a game programmer was working on UI development for an Xbox 360 game. I was given my first major task with a full design of the GUI being given to me. I spent a few days making it just perfect, it matched the design perfectly and I was so proud of my work. I felt like my code was very clean and that I had built components that would help with further UI development on the project. So I left that Friday afternoon so happy and content with myself, and I knew that game development was for me. Monday morning came and we were just starting our daily SCRUM when the designer of the GUI I had just developed said that he didn’t like it and it needed to completely change. I could feel my self turning red with disappointment as I really felt attached to the work I had done. I felt like they weren’t giving it enough of a chance, and that it couldn’t possibly be better than it currently was. (more…)


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