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10th December
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Originally written in late 2009 by me, this essay still has a lot of really good points that still stand true today.

Porting a console game to a PC opens up a lot of opportunities to the developer, while also bringing up some interesting design choices. The first thing people think of when a game is being ported to the PC is that its going to have better graphics, but there is much more to a port than increasing the texture resolutions. There are several key system specific differences in consoles and computers such as memory requirements, increased graphic capabilities, and more powerful processors. Depending on the type of game being ported several design changes and adjustments may need to be made to maintain the same pacing as the console version such as, AI balancing, aim assist for shooters, menuĀ navigationĀ  controls, and even accounting for the expectation of PC gamers.

The PC port of the game seems to start by making the game look crisper, mainly by increasing the texture resolutions across the board. PC version of games also can run at any number of resolutions which can result in a much more detailed experience for the player. Depending on the minimum system requirements for the PC port, the game can take advantage of more system and graphic memory. The Xbox 360 has 512MB of shared system and graphics memory, and a modern PC has many times that amount not shared, many PC games even provide a menu for the player to customize their game’s graphic quality. This level of customization and graphics improvements are things that PC gamers have come to expect when playing a PC game. (more…)


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