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1st February
written by admin

I actually sat down tonight and wrote down the list of games I want to play that are already out, games I would like to play through again, and games that i’m most excited for in 2013.  The list ended up much longer than I expected primarily because of the steam sales over Christmas that filled my queue of games for the year.

Games I need to play ( kinda in order of how badly I want to play them )

  1. Ni No Kuni
  2. Mass Effect 3
  3. Darksiders 2 ( Almost at the end: Finish )
  4. Witcher 2
  5. Legend of Grimrock
  6. Borderlands 2 ( Currently Level 18: Finish )
  7. Max Payne 3
  8. Alan Wake
  9. Civilization V
  10. Sleeping Dogs
  11. Fire Emblem: The Awakening
  12. The Walking Dead
  13. Saints Row: The Third
  14. Tropico 4
  15. Space Marine
  16. Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood
  17. Batman Arkham City
  18. Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition
  19. Dota 2
  20. Company of Heroes Tales of Valor campaign

Games that I would love to play through again

  1. XCOM: Enemy Unknown ( I love this game )
  2. Skyrim ( I want to roll a new character maybe try some DLC )
  3. Company of Heroes ( Lets prepare for COH2 )

Short list of games i’m super excited for this year

  1. Heart of the Swarm
  2. Company of Heroes 2 ( Please still come out )
  3. Dead Space 3
  4. Bioshock Infinite

I’ve already got Heart of the Swarm preordered, I am itching to play that one.  I really hope COH2 comes out this year after the sad news with THQ.  I’m sure I missed some of the games that are due out this year, but honestly it seems like a slow year in releases, but I think the reason is primarily because the new consoles are right around the corner 🙂

Let me know what games are on your list for this year.

27th December
written by admin

I started playing Max Payne 3 on the PC, and found it to be near unplayable because of a bug that causes the player to freeze in cover.  This really needs to fixed ASAP, I searched the internet and found tons of other posts claiming the same issues for as long as a month ago.  This really surprises me coming from a company like Rockstar, this should of never made it out to the storefront, and if it did sneak by the bug should of been fixed immediately.  Please Rockstar fix this bug, the only solution I know of right now is to restart from checkpoint.  Some people claim rolling out of cover works as well but that doesn’t always fix it for me.

The game is beautiful and really challenging, just the type of game I want to play, but with this bug it makes me regret my purchase.

The game is really fun when it doesn't come to a screeching halt with a horrible freeze bug.

The game is really fun when it doesn’t come to a screeching halt with a horrible freeze bug.

10th December
written by admin

Originally written in late 2009 by me, this essay still has a lot of really good points that still stand true today.

Porting a console game to a PC opens up a lot of opportunities to the developer, while also bringing up some interesting design choices. The first thing people think of when a game is being ported to the PC is that its going to have better graphics, but there is much more to a port than increasing the texture resolutions. There are several key system specific differences in consoles and computers such as memory requirements, increased graphic capabilities, and more powerful processors. Depending on the type of game being ported several design changes and adjustments may need to be made to maintain the same pacing as the console version such as, AI balancing, aim assist for shooters, menu navigation  controls, and even accounting for the expectation of PC gamers.

The PC port of the game seems to start by making the game look crisper, mainly by increasing the texture resolutions across the board. PC version of games also can run at any number of resolutions which can result in a much more detailed experience for the player. Depending on the minimum system requirements for the PC port, the game can take advantage of more system and graphic memory. The Xbox 360 has 512MB of shared system and graphics memory, and a modern PC has many times that amount not shared, many PC games even provide a menu for the player to customize their game’s graphic quality. This level of customization and graphics improvements are things that PC gamers have come to expect when playing a PC game. (more…)

5th December
written by admin

This is an article I wrote a few years back on how I feel multiplayer games are balanced, and observations i’ve made while playing many different types of multiplayer games.  Enjoy!!!

Multiplayer games need to be balanced for many different levels of players. I do believe making a fun and balanced multiplayer game for everyone is a real problem, and a almost impossible one to solve completely. While I believe a highly skilled player should almost always defeat a player that is not as skilled, there is still design and balancing issues that should be considered so that neither player becomes frustrated with the game. One way is to balance multiplayer is to make sure everything has a counter, even if it doesn’t seem like its going to dominate the game, its best to put in a fail safe to make sure it can be stopped. The next thing is to make sure that the game has a large number of options during the game, this allows the player to figure out a way to do better. The most fair method comes from a balanced matchmaking service, that balances out teams or versus matches based on current skill levels.   (more…)

4th December
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Written: 12/03/2012

Over the weekend I finished my first play through of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, so I wanted to share my impressions of this classic remake.

I have worked on games for the last 7 years, and last year the company I was currently employed at was finishing up Scary Girl for XBLA, PS3, and Steam, so I felt like it was time to start looking for another job.  One of the lead engineers contacted me to see if I was come to work on some mystery project.  At the time I was super hyped about getting the chance to go work at Firaxis, but after talking it over with my wife and family they felt it best that we stay here in Wisconsin while my wife finished up her nursing degree.  After finding out what this “mystery project” was it makes me highly regret not trying for the job.  Although I really hate interviews its a killer on the nerves, and generally everything that can go wrong does for me when I fly out to one, but thats a different story so there is no guarantee I would of gotten it, but I’d like to think I would of. (more…)


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